Electronic Design Service for Interdisciplinary Research

The EDL core business is research-oriented electronic design service for the IIT network, comprising both central labs and italian centers.

Defined Objectives

1) The research application needs an ad-hoc and dedicated embedded system [the Principal Investigator (PI) provide requirements you discuss with us]; 2) Based on the elaborated requirements (constraints) and our available man-months we design the embedded system (hardware modules, low-level software and mechanical parts); 3) We deliver a complete prototype with associated documentation plus limited support; 4) The embedded system can be used to do science and get scientific results; 5) After the scientific results are obtained then the scientific activity can move towards innovation to fullfill market needs (reference here).

Definitions for Design
Research to Innovation flow, through the development of engineering prototypes.

Expertise Areas

Our expertise areas, are aimed at design service and are diversified to aim at fullfilling the requirements of an interdisciplinary research environment. These are mainly:

  • FPGA-based Systems;
  • Hardware Implementation of Algorithms;
  • Wearable Embedded Systems;
  • Ultra Low-Power Wireless Systems;
  • Smart Sensor Systems;
  • Motor Control for Robotics;
  • Medical Embedded Systems;
  • Test Setups.