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How to reach us

[HOW TO GET US] - Introduction

The EDL is located in the Center for Human Technologies (CHT), that is part of the Great Campus

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[HOW TO REACH US] - Arriving by car

Arriving by car

The Erzelli hill is very easily reachable through the the A10 highway exit "GENOVA Aeroporto".

Immediately after the tollbooth, follow at your right the indication "Erzelli", and "Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)".

(Alternatively you can reach the buildings from Sestri Ponente, through Via Antonio Sant'Elia or Via dell'Acciaio/Via Pier Giorgio Perotto)

In order to access the external free parking lot (reserved to the Erzelli workers as well), it is necessary to reach the point shown in the map, and follow the procedure reported below:

  • Enter the parking (GPS coordinates) lot by following the path on the right. Go straight until you reach it
  • Leave the car (please note that the parking closes at 8:00pm)
  • Move towards the GHT building and arrive in front of the building
  • Please report your arrival to the receptionist, who will call the EDL internal responsible for logistics and technical procedures  Luca Rivano or the Electronic Design Laboratory coordinator (Marco Crepaldi)

People with disabilities can reach building B using the Bus/Taxi arrival point (see the next subsection).

[HOT TO REACH US] - Arriving by bus-taxi

[HOW TO REACH US] - Arriving by bus-taxi images

With the Bus or Taxi you will arrive in this area
Get off the bus at this location
Reach the elevator at level -3 in front of you
Go to level 0 by pressing the button "T"
Reach the entrance of building B

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