As electronic engineers in an international research scenario we need to push towards the refinement and improvment of communication to other scientific areas researchers, and improving our flexibility to enable innovative and scientifically cross-sectional applications.

The following demonstration occurred at Rai Geoscienza, shows an example integration between IR-UWB electronic research, material science research and microbial fuel cell research, in cooperation with Alessandro Chiolerio (main project Smart Materials), Tonia Tommasi (main project Microbial Fuel Cells).

Related publications:

Tommasi, T.; Chiolerio, A.; Crepaldi, M.; Demarchi, D., "A Microbial Fuel Cell Powering an All-Digital Piezoresistive Wireless Sensor System," in Microsystem Technologies, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 1023-1033, 2014.