Besides technical design service (our core business) we also aim at doing research in the design of electronic systems through agreed projects with the other departments, support with internal know-how, in regard to both research and engineering development.

The typical design service flow now includes also stock of knowledge increase in regard to electronic design (see this paper).

Research to Innovation flow, through the development of engineering prototypes. In this case the engineering activity is design research.

Always the same flow w.r.t. design service, but here the design itself is also research for us. Research is a creative work: from 1) through 5), starting from research requirements we make an engineering prototype to enable getting scientific results and if possible towards innovation.

During the fullfilling of the requirements and constraints discussed with the researchers and principal investigators, due to the intrinsic technical challanges in regard to electronic design and techniques, some of our solutions and techniques can increase the stock of knowledge in engineering, hence they represent a scientific output for us. Our scientific contribution regards the design of integrated circuits, the electronic circuits solutions in general and the methodologies used for the electronic design, and, in agreement with our other scientific partners, we can aim towards publications.

Our main research expertise regards Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wide Band, Constraints-Driven Methodologies, Read-Out Circuits and System Integration.